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Tropical: Orange

Chiwis are manufactured and packaged in a vegan & nut free facility.

In our tropical flavour we’ve paired superfruit kiwi with pineapple - another amazing fruit that does wonders for the body, and coconut which is full of minerals and good fats!

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Orange Chiwis

$40.50$150.00 or from $36.45$135.00 / month


Orange Chiwis are crispy and light, and full of vitamin C and nutrients to maintain optimal health. We keep the rind on our Orange Chiwis as it’s full of vitamins and fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer.

What happy customers

“The perfect snack for mountain and work day adventures. Super fruity, tasty and packs light!”


"Chiwis has a tart and delicious taste that makes it easy to finish the whole bag."


"Satisfying healthy treat. When I open the bag i can't stop until they're all gone."


"Chiwis have been a great snack to carry in my backpack when i got out on the trails. They come in a resealable bag, though you will probably eat the whole bag!"