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Oh hey there!
I’m Sarah, a nutritionist and Founder & CEO of Chiwis. As a lover of snacks I am always trying out different ways to make healthy snacks taste awesome; I love my dehydrator and use it all the time. A few years ago, as I was testing recipes, I thought it would be cool to experiment with a fruit I loved - KIWIS! 

I really wanted to make chips out of the kiwis and was so delighted when they came out tasting just like sour patch kids!

I started making kiwi chips to go hiking, camping, backcountry touring, to work, basically anywhere (did I mention I love snacks?). Any time a friend or family member tried them I got the same response that they absolutely loved them and would buy them in stores if available. As a serial entrepreneur I knew I wanted to try to make a business out of these amazing healthy snacks.  

My original intention, as an adventurer with a sweet tooth, was to have a healthy snack with a flexible personality. It had to be: 

    1. All-natural (no added ANYTHING)
    2. Taste great (think sweet treat)
    3. Packed with health benefits
    4. Portable (for hiking and camping) 
    5. Lightweight (for a backpack)

As a nutritionist and healthy food advocate, sharing healthy food that tastes great is a top priority. Our grocery store shelves are stocked with foods that claim to be “healthy” but are full of added sugars, oils, and preservatives. 

Chiwis are all natural, all the time.

One serving of Chiwis has more vitamin C than two oranges and more potassium than two bananas, not to mention the Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folate, and antioxidants that are included in this sweet and tangy snack (especially in the skin of the kiwi!).

Chiwis Kiwi Chips are my favourite healthy snack to eat at home, on the go, or on top of a mountain with my dog Norah the Explorer. I hope that you, your friends and family love Chiwis as much as I do!

I love hearing from you, so if you have any comments, questions,  ideas for new flavours, or just want to say hi please drop me an email!

Sarah Goodman

Founder & CEO. Chiwis Kiwi Chips, Inc.  

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