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We're all about healthy snacks

At Chiwis we're passionate about creating 100% natural snacks that taste amazing. Our focus is on the kiwi, a superfood that is absolutely delicious and does wonders for the body. Created by a nutritionist that loves snacks, Chiwis are the perfect treat to take with you to work, on an adventure, or on the go. Packed with nutrients, these are no regular fruit snack, they've got superpowers.

No Added Anything

You won’t find any added sugars, preservatives, or oils in our products. We let our fruit shine in all its nutritious and delicious glory!

Packed with Nutrients

We keep the skin on our kiwis which triples the fibre value and preserves a large amount of vitamin C in these tasty fruits.

Made in British Columbia

Chiwis are made in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia. We deliver Chiwis all over Canada, but you can also find them in your local food shop, if you don't see Chiwis at your store, the best thing to do is request them to the store manager! 

Female-led business

Chiwis is 100% female owned and operated. Chiwis was started by Sarah Goodman, a nutritionist and serial entrepreneur who simply loves snacks. Chiwis were developed to bring you a healthy treat that tastes like candy, packs a nutritious punch, and can be taken anywhere you like to snack. 

Customer Love

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