We Love Snacks

I’m Sarah, a nutritionist, the founder & CEO of Chiwis, and a huge fan of snacks.

It all started with the kiwi chip. I began making kiwi chips to bring on hikes, camping trips, or to the couch for a good Netflix session.

After years of hearing feedback from friends and family that kiwi chips tasted like healthy sour patch kids, and that they would buy kiwi chips if they were available in stores, I started thinking about making a brand out of my favourite snack. Turns out, kiwi chips didn’t exist on any store shelves! I knew what I needed to do.

I launched Chiwis in early 2021 with our two kiwi chip varieties, and now we have a lineup of five flavours of 100% natural fruit chips, with more fun ideas being tested at our snack factory in Squamish, BC. I hope you love our snacks as much as I do!

Founder & CEO, Chiwis

Our Values

  • No Junk Added, Ever

    We don't add any sugar, preservatives, or oils to our chips.

  • Minimize Waste

    We use as much of the fruit as possible and upcycled (ugly fruits) as much as possible. 

  • No Fuss

    Portable and mess free for all of your adventures. 

Making & Packing CHIWIS

  • It started as a team of one making Chiwis in a small corner of a commercial kitchen space. 

  • Then we upgraded to our snack factory in Squamish BC.

  • In just under two years we've grown to a team of six! We are so lucky to have an amazing team at Chiwis.


At Chiwis, we value the importance of being able to spend time outside. Chiwis is proud to provide a portion of sales profits to the Take a Hike Foundation, which engages youth with intensive, continuous clinical counselling, outdoor experiential learning, and community.