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Piña Chips

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  • Vegan
  • Superfood Snack
  • Nut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO

Chiwis Pina chips are a sweet snack that are packed with nutrients. We use as much of the pineapple as we can (including the core!) to make a delicious fiber rich snack while also reducing food waste! Our Pina chips are a fan favourite, with two servings per bag, you can share this sweet and delicious snack with your favourite pal. 

Ingredients: Dried Pineapple.
Full Bag size: 50g - We dry our chips to a crispy texture, they're super light, but don't be deceived by bag size, there's more than half a pineapple in each bag! 

Snack Size: 20g - Our snack size bags are perfect for school lunches, to throw in a fanny pack for an energizing snack at the bike park, or whatever adventure you find yourself on!





Superfood Supersnacks

Chiwis contain the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit but are condensed in a much smaller package! Chiwis contain about 3.5 times the amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals per gram than fresh fruit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My favourite

I love the orange chiwis, mango's very good as well. My favourite, that knocked my socks off when I first tried them, is the pineapple chips. They're sweet, and crispy. They're a great way to enjoy pineapple.

Phoebe Lazier Lazier
Favourite snack!

These pineapple chips are the perfect snack when I have a sweet tooth and I love everything the company stands for.

Perfectly crisp!

These chips have the right amount of sweetness with such a satisfying crispiness! I just wish they were available in more of my local stores.

Amanda K.
Crazy Fresh Flavor!

It's so fun watching my kids eat these, their eyes light up with the first bite. And so nice it's just pineapple and no artificial ingredients, can't go wrong.

Bonnie Cichran

I bought the tropical kiwi, orange, and mango ones for my granddaughters to try. I ate them all myself. They are unbelievably good. This is not just dried fruit. It’s dried amazingness. I will buy a whole lot more and pass some out to the families at our kids club. Keep up the fantasticness. They make my heart and mind happy!